Saturday, October 9, 2010


COOL, crisp and SUNNY out Today!! Nary a Cloud in the Sky...

However, We left the House a bit later than We usually do on Saturdays. Probably, a good thing as My SISTER called just as We were about to walk out the Door... Another Ten minutes and we were pulling out.

Circled Our Neighbourhood... nothing. Headed out to the Usual Haunts. Nothing there, either. Not surprised really. It's the first nice day and a Long Weekend in this part of the World. Dropped by that local Mall to check out the SALLY ANN.

Hmm.. Lots of People here Today... Maybe, it's because We've arrived later than usual..?
--Nevermind. Let's do a quick scan of the Shelves... Ah! A plastic bag of something Dark, placed on the "Glass" Shelves... Several pieces, sounds like clanging glass... Smelling like a Discovery!


Just, overheard Someone mentioning about having to be in the Checkout Line by 11...? Oooo! Could it be? Would explain "The Crowd"... YES!! -- HALF-PRICE EVERYTHING IN THE STORE SALE!!

*Where's* MOTHER?! aghhh.. No time, almost 11:00, taking My Mystery Bag of Glass and getting Parked in the LINE. Which, thankfully, is moving quite slowly. Should provide sufficient time for Her to surface - and, for Me to check out My Bag...

Ooooooo!!  SHINY!  LOOK!

[I only photographed 3 - this is about Actual Size]

SIX BLACK "DEPRESSION" GLASS COASTERS!! No apparent chips, just a bit of grit... [Found a few scratches on a couple later, but I don't care!] Sticker says $1.99. With the SALE, it'll only be a Dollar... Loving the Design DETAILS. -- I'm going to have to do some "research". These are either the Real Deal and 60plus years old, OR really nice quality Reproductions.

Whatever, at THIS Price, I'm NOT saying NO! In either case, I'm loving Them!

Ah! There's MOTHER now -- with a couple of bags of YARN in hand... When I informed Her of the SALE Situation, She scurried off to get *another* Bag!

We continued afterward, to hit a few Grocery Stores, with limited success. Dropped by THE MALL. MOTHER dropped off a few Brownies for CINDERIA and TICKET WICKET GUY.. -- Hey! Cool! I actually WON $7. on one of My old Lottery Tickets! WOOHOO!

Whipped on over to COSTCO after that. Had some great Tiger Shrimp/Veggie thing. Tasted like a Shrimp Roll sans Roll. Was rather good... Managed to *survive* the BAD Shopping Cart Drivers, AND Their Entourages!! THANK YOU, decadent CHOCOLATE samples for helping Me maintain My SANITY!!

We went straight Home after that.

New Neighbours still doing His Roof. Hope He gets it done quickly, cause You never know how long this Absence of Precipitation will last! ...And, oh, let's not forget about that Section of Their FENCE that BLEW down in big Gust of Wind on Thursday when I was out.

So. Last night, SISTER calls to say, to check Our E-MAIL...

Because, Her daughter - MOM+BUMP - sent THIS and another Pic of
"Their" HALLOWE'EN Costume!

Bear in mind, THE BUMP is DUE to make HER Debut withing the next
2 Weeks!

-- If not, SOONER!


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