Wednesday, October 20, 2010

..a slight Miscalculation..

HMM... It's one those "weird" NUMBERS Days again - 20.10.2010 !

And, according to ALL of My Horrible-Scopes - a Super-Wonderful-Fantastic-Awesome-Big-Win-Success-Is-Knocking-At-Your-Door-Yadda-Yadda DAY!!

O-kaay... I think, that I've just PROVEN the Theory of the Existence of ALTERNATE UNIVERSES!
Because, all of that *GREATNESS* sure wasn't making any Cameo Appearances in MY little corner of THIS Universe.

Not to say, that it was a "Bad" Day... Just, a NORMAL Non-descript Day. -- You know, got a Credit Card Bill in the MAIL, FATHER got His FLU SHOT [and, is now imbued with Immunity Super Powers!], then went "shopping" with MOTHER whilst I, remained Home and "vegged" Online...

Later, MOTHER went with Our Neighbour and Crafting Cohort - MADAME-Q - over to a 2-Hour
"Surprise" HALF PRICE SALE at the SALLY ANN. I would have gone with Them, but wouldn't have been ready in time. Instead, decided to stay put and play around with that WHITE BUFFALO YARN that I got Yesterday...

just a Yarn DOODLE... - actual size

It comes in 6-Strands of UNSPUN Fiber... I think that WHEN, I get around to doing Something with it, that I'll likely separate it to either 2- or 3-Strand Balls. I knitted up a couple of SWATCHES Tonight... And, will check out how they FELT up later.

Anyhow, as it turns out, I didn't MISS anything. In fact, MOTHER suspects that several Prices had gone UP on a number of Items... Including, those METAL SHELF RACKS that I've been pining over.

Last Saturday, I was "quoted" a Price of $5.99 EACH on them. And, probably could've gotten them Yesterday at that Price too.... But Tonight, apparently they were going for $14.99!!

I suppose that solves THAT little Decor "Infatuation"... I probably shouldn't have drooled over them so much Yesterday... oh well..

BUT, *not* to Despair! MADAME-Q was a real SWEETHEART and bought Me THIS lovely BLUE & WHITE PORCELINE CUP for My


I *had* seen it There before, but thought it was a tad Costly, and was a GOOD GIRL in *not* Buying it at the Time.

Meanwhile, She also gave Me THIS wonderful NEEDLEWORK CANVAS that had been included in some bag of OTHER Things that She had picked up at some Yard Sale recently.

"PALLAS ATHENE" - Made by COATS [& ANCHOR] - England.

The COLOURS are much more pleasing in Person. The Background BROWNS are actually PURPLES

The Needler who did the STITCHWORK, did an expert job at not wasting any YARN!  However, over Time and with perhaps, a bit of Shrinkage due to probable moisture exposure, the CANVAS is in *need* of a Proper STRETCHING. -- A Future "Project"...

Until then, I'm loving the Hues! AND, I *do* have STUFF that will "go" with IT!

Alright... Maybe a Normal-PLUS Day, after all...


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