Friday, October 8, 2010


[INSERT- RingTone of "PAINT IT BLACK" by The Rolling Stones]

"Good Evening! - Do You KNOW *where* Your *Blanket* IS..? - You've reached the BASEMENT, DOC speaking. How can I help You?"

"Who?..AUNTIE SHAN..? Ahh, no. Sorry. She's unable to come to THE BLOOG right now..."

"..What? ..Noo, sorry.. She'll be busy with PROJECT Meetings ALL night.."

"No.. No, I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to say... Yeah. Yeah, it's a Secret... Sorry."

"Oh, sure. Sure. No problem... I'll tell Her.. uh-huh.."

"..ah, listen.. Why don't You.. LEAVE a COMMENT..? -- I'm certain that She'll get back to You, as soon as, She can!"

"..Okay. Sounds great! ...You, have a wonderful Evening, too!  And, Thanks for Calling! ..Bye-bye now!"


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