Friday, October 29, 2010

Forage Friday

HAD the "Friday Specials" Groceries to do earlier in the Day. It was SUNNY when I had started out, but then the COLD WIND began moving those Meteorological "Throw Pillows" around,  just as I was heading Home... Thankfully, they behaved... For now...

Then again, I DID go and kill a SPIDER Tonight -- so, KARMA-wise, *anything* could possibly-probably happen in the NOT-so-distant Future!!? -- MY money is on NOAH-Buckets of RAIN, ALL DAY, Tomorrow! ...AS predicted...

Which, I suppose I can "live" with, so long as it CLEARS up for Sunday - when We get to SEE The BABY! And, on NEXT Saturday for My FIRST CRAFT SALE of the Season! -- The UNLOADING of the Vehicle can be most Troublesome IN Rain!!

Meanwhile, HERE's Something COLOURFUL to gander at...

WASHCLOTHS - Done in CAPRI, and One in a "Scrap" Mix of SALMON, MELONS, LIME, and LIMEWHITE.


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