Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scary SAMHAIN Shopping!

"WET & WILD" was the Atmosphere Today... Annoying drizzly RAIN and WILD Shoppers EVERYwhere!

Originally, Our primary TASK of the Day, was to go to COSTCO - Milk and Toilet Paper were the
"in need" Items. However, after perusing the SATURDAY NEWSPAPER FLYERS, We discovered that there was a GRAND OPENING of a *New* MICHAEL'S Store over at TRAINYARDS!!

It's not like We ever buy Anything there, as Their PRICES are ridiculously High on pretty much EVERYTHING! But, it's always fun to just check STUFF out... And now, We can save several MILES of GAS MONEY to do that with this new CLOSER Location. -- Not to mention, observe the Retail Rivalry between Them and the WALMART across the Complex!

Anyhoo... We headed to COSTCO first - WITH, the intention of getting there EARLIER than the LAST Time, to AVOID the PARKING MAYHEM!

Yeah. Right....

THIS Time, I managed to Drop MOTHER by the Building, without causing any Traffic Tie-ups and then, went on the HUNT for the ever-elusive PARKING SPACE! -- I swear, there were probably a dozen cars at any time ORBITING the Lot like a Vehicular Version of MUSICAL CHAIRS!

At SOME point during My search - probably, when I happened to turn My head - I discovered a BIG BLOB of BIRD **** in the Upper Left Corner of My WINDSHIELD! Eeewwww... Thankfully, it WASN'T Raining at THAT time, or My WIPERS would have been going...

YAY! Someone's backing out in the Corner, and I can POUR in! Hmm.. What's that on the Ground on My Right...? Look! The PARKING LOT FAIRY left Me a Cell Phone CASE. Wonder where the Phone went...? Nevermind, have to get into the Store.

Ah, the USUAL CHAOS... Although, just a tad less than Last Week.


"CHECKOUT" ended up being the QUICKEST Experience of the entire "Adventure"!

It was Raining again, when We got out.... And, YEP! I "forgot" about THE BLOB! -- Thankfully, MOTHER always seems to carry Paper Towels....


Okay. I've come up with a New TV SHOW "Idea"... DANCING WITH THE "CARS"!! -- Newer Parking Lot, but I'm almost certain that a few of THOSE Vehicles were "Familiar"...?

MICHAEL'S - It looks nice. Big. CROWDED! A few "DEMOS" were going on. Many a Friendly *Helpful* SALES CLERK about.

Whilst, MOTHER observed some Cake Decorating affair, I headed to YARN.... Picked up a handful of those FREE PATTERN CARDS, chatted up a couple of Fellow Shoppers... Hey! 4 for $1.00 RIBBON...

And, what's that TICK-ITY Sound...? -- Ah, a SPIN-THE-WHEEL-GIVEAWAY Thing... And, MOTHER is already IN Line...

After that, We split up. She headed for the Washrooms and I checked out the Middle of the Store. We were to EVENTUALLY meet up at the CAKE DECORATING Section near The CHECKOUT.

As I neared My intended Destination, I took Note of the rather LONG Theme-Park-esque Checkout QUEUE! Hmm... The END of The LINE is currently IN the CAKE Section. Perhaps I should get IN it, MOTHER will have to come by this way, and will SEE Me... I hope...

BTW, "Bonus Points" to the Store LAYOUT Person for Positioning all of those "$1.50" Novelty Items along the TAPED OFF Queue Route. Very, "Captive" SHOP-A-HOLIC "Product Placement" of Them. Just like the Grocery Stores, only longer Shelves, and sans Tabloids!

And, it worked. "Check out" WHAT They RETAIL-MIND-TRICKED Me into getting!

The RIBBON was what I had "started" out with! The GLITTER GLUE is what I had "Won" at that SPIN-THE-WHEEL thing. The Remainder are what I call My "Que-venirs".... NOTE the KNITTY
"Theme". The Upper Left Item is a PENCIL CASE - which will likely be used to store Needlework Supplies. The Blue thing is a small NOTEBOOK - I like that Pattern, may get around to Charting it some time... On the Bottom, 2 Rolls of WRAPPING PAPER... I liked Them, too...

Popped into WALMART long enough to NOT buy anything, and then headed for THE MALL. We didn't buy a whole lot There, either! On the way out, the PARKING LOT FAIRY left - this time - a Pair of Flat-Sole SHOES in front of My Car...? It was Raining, I left them there...

OH!  Meteorological NEWS FLASH! -- It's been SNOWING since Sundown! I haven't looked out a Window yet to see how MUCH... Just HOPE that it MELTS by Morning, so that I DON'T have to SHOVEL IT!

Or, that It turns to ICE when PRINCESS LITTLE BIG-RED comes to VISIT!!


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