Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WOOHOO!! -- **Decor Mag Day!!** -- FINALLY!!


My November STYLE AT HOME has Arrived!!

We've been getting different Postal Delivery People for a week or so.. And, oft times with LATE deliveries. I was beginning to suspect that My Mags were being hoarded IN the "SORTING" Department over at the MAIN POST OFFICE Building

--Because, IF their Break Room is sporting ANY *new* Furniture or even a fresh coat of Paint... ggrrrrrrr......

Whatever.. Let's just peruse this Puppy and see if IT actually was WORTH the WAIT!?

  • P. 36-38 - I'm starting to see RED being used. A lot. Accented with IVORY / BEIGE / CREAM Tones...
  • P. 40 - Many CLASSIC / TRADITIONAL type SETTEES. Most are in lighter Shades. None, quite suit My Fancy...
  • P. 42 - Hmm... TEXTURED Pillows... Interesting looking, although a few are really NOT that Practical. And, don't get Me started on the PRICE of the "Knitted" One! -- I'm going to have to start Raising the PRICES on *My* BLANKETS!
  • P. 44-52 - An intriguing array of CHANDELIERS. With a new take on the overly-done Antler style.
  • P. 54-58 - Samantha Pynn's use of LAVENDERS has given Me some future inspiration. -- I have a LOT of Stuff in the PURPLE "Family"!
  • P. 82-86 - It's looking like TIFFANY BLUE and WHITE could be THE Colour Combo for the Holiday Season. All that TURQUOISE from the Summer may still have some repurposed Life left.
  • P. 102 - I LOVE this Place Setting! But would probably have to break into one of Martha Stewart's Houses to FIND such a great looking piece of BLUE MILK GLASS!
  • P. 134-141 - ANTLERS / Horns appear to be the underlying accessories throughout, amongst Evergreen garnishings. Yet, surprisingly never mentioned, except for one Deer Sculpture...
  • P. 142-151 - Exquisite FURNITURE. However, several of the so-called "Bold" accoutrements border on Garish in their Volume! Alone, they might "work", but together.. I'm just not seeing the Harmony! Even the Tone of WHITE Paint is blindingly LOUD. -- As I gaze upon some of these Pages, all I'm hearing is Slot-Machine Music drowning out Yo-Yo Ma!
  • P. 152-157 - And then, it's the stereotypical COUNTRY CABIN look.. A lot of RED. Some of which, are a Paint-Chip or two on the Pinkier side for My Tastes. They could do with being warmed up just a tad.
  • P. 158-166 - Ah, more of that "Party at TIFFANY's" Look.
  • P. 173 - Oooo! Smoked Salmon Sushi! -- My Tummy just growled!

Well, I have to get back to The LSP now...


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