Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stimulating the Economy - One BUS at a Time!

WELL, here's a Shocker for You -- The SUN was out for MOST of the Day!!

When I last left the CRYSTAL BALL Meteorological Predictions for the Day, it was suppose to Rain until NOONish, and THEN clear up... "What" happened - any Rain cleared out by Dawn, then it was mostly Sunny. However, WHEN I set off for Downtown around 1:30ish, a bunch of suspect CLOUDS were making an appearance, just looking to MUG the Sun.

And, there I was WITHOUT My RAIN Coat!  Much "mental" scowling ensued.

Caught My first Bus with surprising ease. -- Oh. Cool. They've finally installed that Automated-STOP-Announcement System. About time!

Had to make a quick stop at My BANK at The BIG MALL. An expected cheque had arrived in the Morning Mail! It's always a "special" moment, when I can co-ordinate My Plans for the Day and don't have to reschedule the Errands because something didn't show up WHEN it was supposed to.

BTW, *what* ARE the "Knowledge" Requirements for working as a BANK Teller these days...? I only ask, because, when I deposit a cheque [no matter the amount] and ask for $20. [a nice "even" number] in CASH to be SUBTRACTED, I *DON'T* expect to SEE The-TELLER-Whip-Out-A-*CALCULATOR*-To-*DO*-The-MATH!!

I'm thinking here... She probably doesn't use ACTUAL Money in REAL Life?! -- Thankfully, Little-Miss-Money-Bucks clued into the Sound [over My annoying whiny cough] of My Eyes rolling back in My Head and, put the Device down... Saving Me the trouble of having to inform Her, that
"...stimulating Neurons causes Split-Ends..." was indeed, an "Urban Myth"!

As I left to catch My next Bus, I noticed that a *new* DOLLARAMA Store had opened up across the Corridor... Hmm? I wonder if They're still hiring CASHIERS?! -- I "know" Someone...

So, got through My Downtown appointment with little fanfare. Although, was surprised to see the Sun continuing to win out over the Clouds... Then, dropped by The RIDEAU CENTRE MALL for a quick run through.

SWEET! OLD NAVY has 50% off the CLEARANCE Items! Yeah, I know... I've got more Clothes than I know what to do with! [..I have a pile that's starting to give K-2 competition!] I'm just doing My
"Civic Duty" here by "stimulating" the Economy!

The FINAL Tally came to $20.60 for 5 lovely assorted TOPS that would have been $98. PLUS Tax at their Original Prices!

When I left the RC MALL, the Wind had picked up. Grabbed a Bus back to The BIG MALL again. Wanted to checkout that DOLLARAMA since I now had a bit more Time to. -- The Place is deceptively HUGE! AND, apparently, had JUST opened Today!

Didn't stay long, or hit the REST of the Mall. Jumped on another Bus Homeward to THE MALL. Just wanted to make one of My regular "FACTORY ENDS" Bin Checks...

BTW, a funny thing happened on My way through the Store to THE BIN... I ended up following 2 strapping PARAMEDICS with a gurney who were headed for the Restroom Lounge at that end of the Store. -- Never did find out WHAT was going on, BUT, *did* find a Package of YELLOW Yarn!

TIME to GET Home! ...with the help of one more promptly arriving Bus.


Meanwhile, I'd like to give a "Shoutout" THANK YOU back to KRISTIN NICHOLAS -- a "Regular" over at the PBS Show - KNIT AND CROCHET NOW. She was kind enough to give Me a very
unexpected "mention" on Her BLOG Today. Be sure to CHECK Her Site at:

She's a CROCHETER, KNITTER, AUTHOR, TEACHER, and OWNER of a Big HERD of "Pre-YARN"! -- [SHEEP] -- Just to name a FEW of Her numerous Talents!


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