Saturday, October 2, 2010


OCTOBER. "Frost on the PUMPKIN Time"! It was crispy COLD this Morning - AND, *SUNNY*!!

Well, at least for *most* of the Day... There was the odd Cloud System BLOWING by! Almost forgot about the Wind... Oh, and later, a spit of Raindrops. But, in the end, the Sunlight won out!

I suppose, the CHILL discouraged most People from having YARD SALES, as we only found a few. Resulting, in Me NOT getting ANYTHING!! A shock to My Hoarding Little Heart, let Me tell Ya! Of course, MOTHER saved HER Residential-Retail-Reputation with purchases of some FABRIC and YARN. Yeah. We *needed* MORE of that around here.

We started the Grocery Run early. Decided to try a different Route - there was an Intersection that I wanted to check out. There's been a mess of Construction going on there for some time and I'll have to go through there next Month. I was curious as to its progress...?

Eventually, We ended up in BIG-BOX-STORE Country - but, skipped a few of Our regular stops. MOTHER wanted to check out some NEW ones a little further down the Road... Thankfully, not TOO far. -- Otherwise, a couple of more kilometers and You sort of FALL off the EDGE of the CITY!

Anyhoo... She went into some "Party" Store, whilst I checked out the nearby STAPLES. Which, was "where" I discovered THIS Little Guy!

Meet, SPLAT!

I was weeding through a CLEARANCE Bin and had inadvertently picked IT up to see what was underneath... Nothing of Interest caught My Eye or Wallet - UNTIL, I took a closer look at WHAT was IN My Hand!

Hmm... PURPLE. [It's actually more Grape-ish - remember, My Purple-Pic-Problem.] The Shape is wickedly weird. It has a Useable Function...

Oooo! And, check out that 27 Cent Price-Sticker!


Okay... So "what?" if It *needs* a New Battery... It's COOL looking! And, I DIDN'T buy Anything ELSE, Today. Besides, It was just BEGGING to be BLOOGed! -- A cheap, weird, purple "SPLAT"... do The MATH! -- AFTER, the Fresh Battery is IN!

Across the Way from that bunch of Stores, was the new WALLACK'S Art Supply Store. MOTHER was looking for some Special "Paper"... As She did, I was admiring several CANVASES done by some of the Employees. Two in particular, struck My fancy...

One was of a GOTHIC-like RUINS, at Night... Very dark in Tone, with a wonderful GRAPHIC NOVEL feel to It!

The Other, was done by the Store Manager - who I spoke with about His work. A Navy Blue, White and Red Abstract piece. Mostly horizontal Strokes, but it looked like cascading water-steps... His first attempt with a Palette Knife. A rather successful one, I'd say. The Work had a very pleasing aesthetic to it. Worthy of Decorating around.

And, of course, I had left My camera IN the Car.

From there, it was back toward the direction of Home, with stops at COSTCO and The MALL. Nothing exciting going on There - except, perhaps for the PET HALLOWE'EN Photo Sessions at the small Pet Shop.. Caught a glimpse of this really curly BLACK Dog sitting in a very BLACK Cauldron... Have to "wonder" HOW that Pic turned out! WHERE did I put those BATTERIES...?


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