Monday, October 11, 2010

Bogged in BLOOGSVILLE...

JUST, so You *know* - TODAY, was pretty much a RERUN of YESTERDAY...

  • It was SUNNY out.
  • I worked on The LSP.
  • The Neighbours are STILL "roofing"!
  • I'm hard-pressed to find something INTERESTING and *not* Time-consuming, to BLOOG about!

OH! I know! -- BASKETS!!

Sure. Why not? Huh? Everyone loves BASKETS - They're TIMELESS!

Saw THESE in that New IKEA CATALOGUE - P. 193. -- Yeah, I could so make These... Actually, I HAVE made something similar before... But, in a nice really THICK Cotton Yarn - not the totally Synthetic 100% Polypropylene here.

However, the "sticking" point would be The PRICE... I can't make a SET OF 4 for $19.99!

Oh, well... Perhaps, if I have some Time after The LSP, I might whip up one or two of These OR, a close enough Knockoff!

HEY! LOOK! Found Something to BLOOG about!


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