Sunday, October 16, 2011

OWW!! Why Is THAT Hurting..?

I WAS JUST PERFECTLY "FINE"... Munching on My CHEERIOS. Reading the Newspaper. Attempting to *muster* what SUPER-POWERS I had at My Disposal to Counteract the OVER-Whelming-Chromatic-Waves EMANATING from My SISTER's HOT-PINK-Cupcake-Covered-Flannel-Pajamas!! -- When, SUDDENLY - [as I took a Sip of My cold MILK]- I was Struck with a **SHARP** Dental PAIN!!

...WT*?!! -- OW!!

O-kay... So. I'm *really* HOPING that "Using" some that FREE "Sensitive"-type Toothpaste I picked
up a few Weeks back, will Help to ALLEVIATE The SITUATION..??

-- I have this Receding-Gum "Problem"... [the Result of Braces in My 20s, AND an "addiction" to DR.PEPPER...] And, I really DON'T want to have to go to The DENTIST at this Time. Not sure how much Insurance Coverage I have left for This Year... Just NOT in the "Current" BUDGET!

MEANWHILE... The Continuing-Crappy-COLD Weather didn't *help*, either!

I had *intended* on Finishing THIS, "Today"...

However, I got a tad Side-Tracked with Cyber-Maintenance and Laundry. -- Perhaps, Tomorrow..?


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