Thursday, October 27, 2011

**WHAT**?!! - There's a "BACKUP"-Brainwashing-Bunny..?!!



The GOOD NEWS - Because I spent *just* over $50., I got a 10% Discount! Sweet!

The BAD NEWS - *I* SPENT *OVER* $50.!! -- Well... at least IT covered The TAXES. Seriously. THOSE BUNNIES, are "Economically EVIL"! And, to think, I *only* Bought from The SALE TABLE!

Anyhoo... HERE's *WHAT* I "acquired" at KNIT-KNACKERS, Today!

Keep in Mind, that whole "PURPLE-HUE" Problem... Those Bits of "BLUE"-Bag, are ACTUALLY a
"PURPLE"! As well as, the "FUCHSIA-PINK" Balls are more of a LAVENDER... And, less Shiny! IT's the 50% SILK in Them that does "That" I suspect. -- The "other" 50% is MERINO. Got 3 Balls.

Picked up 3 Balls of the PEACHY-Mix [BOTTOM-RIGHT] - 50% MERINO - 25% ALPACA - 25% SILK.
-- Both are from TURKEY.

The TOP ONES are PERUVIAN "WOOL" - Hand-Dyed. I liked the Shading... The PEACOCK One is a little less Intense. Only found 2 Skeins of IT and 3 of the Other.



[STOP Snicking, FAIRY-T!! I can Hear You over The POND!]

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  1. its impossible to stop sno, ask trev hehe hugsx tinkx


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