Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bubonic-Bugs BEWARE!!

MOTHER and I, have been IM-MU-NIZED!

We got Our Annual FLU SHOTS. Still have to get FATHER to His Doctor's for His... And, since She'll be Here for a couple more Weeks - spending Time with The PRINCESSES - We've "convinced" My WALKING-PLAGUE-WAITING-TO-HAPPEN-SIBLING to get Hers on Friday! -- nuts! Means I'll have to be up Early... hate that...

Anyhoo... BEFORE We went "Jabbing", My Expected-PARCEL *Arrived*!! YAY!

Almost missed IT! I didn't hear the POSTAL-LADY knocking, and just *noticed* Her Truck out the Kitchen Window...

"...what?!" -- Really? "HST" on Something from ANOTHER Country?!! Despite, NO "DUTY TAX"??

And then, the poor POSTAL-LADY is freezing Her Fingers because the silly Wireless-Card-Reader is wonking out... Meanwhile, I had to wait until LATER to OPEN My "MAIL" up as I had to get ready to Leave...

BTW - FYI...
"IF" Any of You-NOT-In-CANADA ever have a *need* to MAIL Anything to Me, PLEASE, "Mark" IT as a "GIFT" and with a LOW "Value"! Oh, and *NEVER* via a "Courier-Service" - [especially UPS!] - CUSTOM-HANDLING FEES are CRIMINAL!!

...huh...I've never Seen THAT before...

While getting The CAR out, I noticed Two Crows having "Lunch" on the Curb-Grass across the Street... When suddenly, They started "Cock-Fighting" each other!?! Then, flew off... -- Someone must have Bad Pecking-Manners.

After Our JAB-FEST - since We *were* close-by - We stopped over at The SALLY-ANN. MOTHER picked up some Interesting-Cheap-Yarn, and I found Another BALL of that COTTON Yarn from My Previous Visit - [SEE 08OCT2011 POST]. Also, a Yard of quite Lovely Thick-Quality COTTON FABRIC.

From THERE, a Grocery-Stop, and on to THE MALL "Pilgrimage" before Heading HOME...

THAT's the FABRIC in the Background. Mostly Striped with the Rosebuds placed widely apart. We were "Thinking" that IT would make a rather Pretty APRON -- However, We wouldn't want to get IT "DIRTY"! ...hmm...Perhaps a SCREEN..?

So. There's The "JULIA" Yarn... Designed by KRISTIN NICHOLAS of GETTING-STITCHED-ON-THE-FARM. [SEE 05OCT2011 POST] - I bought 2-BALLS of Those COLOURS, which are actually *more* on the REDDISH-Tone side than what the Camera AND The-Ordering-Site SHOWS!

I was aiming for "VIOLET" PURPLES... No matter, IT's BEAUTIFUL Stuff!!

And, just MAKES Me *WANT* to KNIT!! However, I have TONS of CROCHETING to DO *First*! Which is SOOO much Faster!

I suppose that since, I've never been Skilled at READING Patterns, and prefer to CREATE My Own,
the Speed of Crocheting allows Me to Complete a Design much more quickly! -- What I refer to as
"VAN GOGH-ing it"...

While "KNITTING", is more "DaVINCI-ish"... Methodical. Some Design-Strategy... FOREVER...!!


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  1. Have you checked out some of the free form crochet that is going on now?? Speaking of Van Goghing it!


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