Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"CHOCOLATE"..?! ...*REAL-ly*??

OOOoooo... - [INSERT the High-Speed Sound of BRAIN-GEARS Churning away...]

Right... Sooo... *Despite* the ON-and-OFF DRIZZLE. And, IT being an overall DREARY DAY, I *had* to GO to THE BIG MALL... Naturally, IT *starts* to RAIN just as I pull-out onto the Roadway!

Fortunately, the MALL "TRAFFIC" was Sparse. Plenty of Parking to be had - even in the Covered-Areas! Yay! -- Meanwhile, My "Primary" GOAL was to get to the BANK -- BUT, there's no
"Reason" why I can't *enjoy* the Journey with a PURCHASE-PERUSE along the Way..? eh?

THE BODY SHOP - There's a "SALE" - And, I suppose that I could do with some "STUFF"...
I Wonder if THEY have any *NEW* "Flavours"..?

-- WHAT THE... **CHOCOLATE**??!! -- in a "Shower-Gel"?

Seriously? -- NOOO. WAY!


BUT, not-so-Fast... IT could end up SMELLING *differently* UNDER  Actual-Shower-Conditions. -- I asked for a SAMPLE... And, just Bought a Couple of BOTTLES of My
"Regular" FAV-FLAVOUR.

PRETTY-PERKY-CLERK throws in a Couple more Other SAMPLE THINGIES into My Quaint-Little-PAPER-Store-Bag...

Further down the Concourse, I "Notice" that YVES ROCHER *also* has a "SALE"... ah! Some of My OTHER FAV-FLAVOURS... Oh, "why not"! -- I like Mixing Them all up anyway.

NOTE - This Store does *not* Provide "Bags". -- So, Imagine My "surprise", WHEN PRETTY-FRIENDLY-CLERK *WHIPS-OUT* THIS - [BELOW] - *CUTE*-COTTON-JUTE-8x8"-WICKER-HANDLED-BAG!!


I so Love FREE STUFF! -- And, IT's *perfect* for Toting around any of My YARN and Whatever-PROJECT-of-the-Day!

Eventually, I made it to the BANK! -- hmm... ALL of the TELLERS are "Working" and *I* am the ONLY CUSTOMER in the Place! On "PENSION-DAY"!! -- I've apparently *just* Missed

"TIMING", gotta Love IT!

Afterward, as I passed the "CENTER-COURT" Area, I couldn't help but OBSERVE, the 100+ TEENAGED-20-SOMETHINGS-CROWD that was Floor-Sitting in a "Fenced-In" Structure... ah. Looks like *Some* JUNO MUSIC AWARDS Related Event will be Happening THERE. *SomeTIME*?

No wonder that the Stores - where THEY Frequent - were EMPTY! -- Just Us "OLD-FOLKS" were Shopping at THE GAP! - Where I picked up a Lovely RUST-Coloured LONG-SLEEVED-COTTON-SHIRT that was already 75%-OFF, and then *another* 30%-OFF for TODAY "only"...

You know, *occasionally*, RAINY-DAY-SHOPPING actually CAN be FUN!!


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