Wednesday, March 21, 2012

...CAREFUL! -- Watch out for those SHARP...


hmm... NO WONDER, that *MOST* People-In-Town decided to NOT head SOUTH for "MARCH-BREAK" -- IT's Warmer **HERE** than most of the Southern Resort Towns!!

BUT, Fear-NOT... Weekend "Predictions" are Calling for COOLER "SPRING" Temps!! Even a Touch of Evening-FROST..?? -- Just *don't* WARN The BUGS!

Anyway... Just to Confirm on *how* MIND-NUMBINGLY-*BORING* My VEG-FUL Day was, about the only "Excitement", was Discovering that a Handful of Lovely-Lavendar-Hued-CROCUSES had POPPED-UP! - In the Shade, less than a Meter from where the LAST- Saucer-Plate-Sized-SNOW-Patch had Melted Overnight...

And THEN, there was the BIG-Honking-ROBIN, fishing for LAWN-BAIT... BTW, that Sooner-Than-Later-Future-RAVEN-Take-Out-Snack-MOUSE that I spotted Dashing across the Patio, wasn't all *that* BITE-Sized, either!

oh, well... At least, THEY gave Me SOMEthing to BLOOG-About! -- Besides, Tonight`s $7. LOTTERY-*WIN*!!

huh. -- CRAZY-Climates, CRITTERS, and **CASH**!! -- Oh, MY!!


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