Thursday, March 29, 2012

So. How was YOUR Day..?

MINE, just not so BLOOG-Worthy...

IT's a shame that Today wasn't "FEBRUARY 29", then I could've Skipped IT! And, PRETEND that all of ITS *BORING*-Bits were just Temporally-Anomalous-Debris-That-NEVER-Happened! -- BUT, NO such Luck...

IT was
  • Overcast.
  • WINDY!
  • *Cold*!
  • I had absolutely NO Ambition to "DO" *Anything* of Needed Importance.
  • I did Contemplate about Tackling THE ROOM... However, it was just a Thought... A Fleeting one!
  • Besides, I'm going to NEED a "Treasure-MAP" to Navigate The LABYRINTH that IS My
  • The STOCK-MARKETS were DOWN. *AGAIN*! -- Most Depressing...
  • The "FEDERAL BUDGET" came out... MORE Depressing
  • NO more PENNY Production!? -- POOH! Poor-PENNIES!!
  • Did some Cyber-Chores...
  • *Almost* done with the "Band" on FAIRY-T's PURPLE-Project...
  • My BRAIN really *hates* having to COME UP with BLOOG Subjects when NOTHING is Happening!
  • You know, I *ONLY* do THIS *because* I Like YOU GUYS!!
  • I'm going to back to Playing with YARN now...


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