Saturday, January 21, 2012

SALLY-ANN Shopping "Sciarpa" Score!!


So... JUST as I was about to get into the SALLY-ANN Checkout queue, I decided to take a quick peek at a nearby Rack of Scarves... What possessed Me to *do* so, is a Mystery! - Perhaps, it was the subliminal Pleas of "..BUY ME! BUY ME!.." emanating from the fibrous "GEM" amongst the Polyester Riff-Raff, that drew My Attentions.

The "$1.99" Price-Tag didn't hurt, either!! - [BELOW] - 100%-WOOL of a rather lovely quality. Woven. Made in ITALY. 2'x6'. The actual Tone is more toward a KIWI shade... And, from what I can tell, in Perfect condition!

Although, I probably DON'T *Need* IT, I also picked up THIS - [ABOVE] - BLUE & IVORY Gingham CURTAIN PANEL. At $7. IT was a tad "Pricey", however, the Heavy-COTTON Texture was the "Deciding" Factor. IT'll go with My BLUE-WHITE Crockery Collection.. "Repurposing" is likely in ITS Future.

Whilst There, I also stumbled onto THIS Bit of DELFT...

About 4-Inches across.
I have NO Idea as to
"what" IT is - [ IF
that *really* matters?!]
I suppose, IT *could*
be a Soap-Dish? Or, Spoon-Rest?

For 71-Cents, I'll find
"some" Use for IT!

After some Grocery-Shopping, We ventured over to FABRICLAND... As Tempted as I was to
"Rescue" the odd Bolt, I just settled on TWO COTTON REMANENTS - [ABOVE-TOP] - a PINK heavy-weave, and a BLACK Fine-Wale Corduroy.

Meanwhile, this Evening, I proceeded with My First "attempts" at FELTING... The "JURY" is still *out* on the Results of My Endeavours! -- Just hope I didn't *ruin* the Washer..? At Present, the PUR-PLEX is still Drying...



  1. When I felt in the washing machine, I always put the wool in a zippered cotton pillow cover. It helps to keep all the wool bits that ultimately come free in one place!

  2. In my view you can never have too many scarves! Besides, they are a must have accessory for all winter occasions. :)
    Plus, unless my dollars-pounds knowledge is drastically wrong, it sounds like this one was a bargain... So an even better buy! Good move, and it saved you adding another knitting pattern to your list :P


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