Friday, January 27, 2012

You know...This whole WINTER thing has *Seriously* LOST its "ALLURE"!!

    ROAD-SALT-SAND-FLAVOURED-FROZEN-*SLUSHIES* now Selling at the End of My Laneway!! ALL-YOU-CAN-SHOVEL!! -- And, remember to ASK for the *FREE*-FRESHLY-FALLING-FLUFFY-FLAKES Topping!

Well. "Predictions" certainly didn't Disappoint! Frozen SLUSH-WATER over ICE, under SNOW-GLAZE... And then, there were the Glacial-Moraine PLOW-DROPPINGS... I did about THREE-HOURS of "Basic" Clearing on Ours and MADAME-Q's Place as I was Wet-Snowed and Fluffy-Flaked overhead!!

I really *DO* need to go OUT Tomorrow. *IF*, The EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY *doesn't* Leave Me a GREAT-WALL-OF-CRAP barring My Way, I'm taking The CAR out! -- Have Things to DO. Places to BE!

Meanwhile - AFTER an Evening NAP, I managed to do a tad more on the Current Project...

Some of the YARN is a little *too*
"itchy" for a COWL, so IT will be a TOQUE instead.

-- Eventually...


1 comment:

  1. That's a pretty color too!

    I think I will pass on your snowcones though. Even with the promise of fluffy topping. :D


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