Monday, January 9, 2012

The *WHIGHT* Stuff!!


hang on a sec..?! - [INSERT Raised brow of annoyance and surprise...] - **WHY** is there a
"dusting" of WHITENESS on My Laneway..? -- There *wasn't* suppose to *be* ANY Snow Last Night!! - [INSERT Additional grimace and grumbling...]

Well... At least, My MAIL was *considerably* BETTER!! -- Received Something that I was Hoping FOR! And, My February Issue of COUNTRY LIVING! YAY!

FAST FORWARD to after an Hour & a bit of Scraping, TO Checking-Out The "WHITE" Issue!

Which, is almost a Misnomer in a way, as there appears to be an Equal amount of BROWNS, GREYS, BLACK, MUTED GREENS and BLUES... But, NO matter! -- I Enjoyed the Simplicity of IT all... And THEN, I came across Pages 94 to 99...

POTTERY *and* YARN! - Does IT get any Better?!! -- I LOVE These DISHES!

COUNTRY LIVING - Feb 2012 - p.96 -
"Bowls, $50 each, 6 1/2"W; cups, $28 each, 3 1/2"H and 5"H; Candlesticks, $9.50 for 7 1/4"H, $12 for 10 1/4"H; vase, $19, 6 1/2"H;"

COUNTRY LIVING - Feb 2012 - p.97 -
"Leg warmers, $12 for four; 9 1/2"H x 1 1/2"W; Basket, $118; 9"H x 14"W; For similar vintage wooden stool, from $120; 21"H; Lillian August, 212-206-1883."

Oooo! And, Check Out the Carpentry Design in that STOOL!

You know, ALL of that WHITE YARN I Acquired the Other Day is just Screaming at Me right NOW!! - [I can almost *smell* the Popcorn...]


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  1. That stool is amazing...and I really like the basket. *eyeballing the baskets sitting in the corner of my bedroom/studio/reading room*

    My mom gets Country Living...I might have to snurch her copy when she's done with it!


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