Tuesday, January 24, 2012




Meanwhile, as for Today's earlier "Adventures"...

WELL over THREE-HOURS of CHOPPING!! -- Thankfully, the TEMPS were high enough, and for *long* enough to Enable much EASIER Breakage of the ICE-SHEETS!! Actually, I think I spent *more* Time Carving a Narrow Trench to the Sewer-Grate.

BTW, I also managed to "Make-Nice" with a Couple of SNOW-REMOVAL-CITY-GUYS - as in *GOOD*-SNOWPLOW-GUYS. There were "Promises" to have the Nasty Snowbank "Relocated"..??
-- "Hopefully", THAT will happen *before* the TEMPS Drop again!?

Whatever... I think My "Chopping"-Hand could do with a Rest, Tomorrow..? IT got more than *enough* IMPACT-STRESS Today. Besides, IF I Injure IT, *Who* will My YARN get to Play with..?


FAIRY-T... GATE-GIRL... Watch it! I can SEE You *lurking* about!

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