Sunday, February 26, 2012

"..And the *OSCAR* Wiener for BEST-DRESSED-CANINE in Dramatic-Screenwriting is..."


Better-Known Here at THE-BLOOG as "FANG"!

Currently under Long-Term-Contract - [that
"Dog-Years" Clause is a killer!] - with Novelist-TV-Screenwriter-Producer TREVOR MUNSON,
"HOLLYWOOD"-HOBBES possesses quite the Resume...

Literary-Muse-Production-Office-Manager-Coffee-Mug-Licker - [duh! They don't clean themselves you know..]
"Ghost"-WRITER - [Seriously? Did you actually think that THE-*SHERLOCK*-HOLDING-THE-LEASH was the ONE-IN-CHARGE..?! pul-LEEZE!]
- [Both SCARVES look waay better on ME!]
- [..what?! I don't see Your "B*tchin-Boody" on HER Bloog!]
"Fang"-Expert - [BITE ME! 
- I dare ya!]
- [Hey, FANG-"BOY", I'm not seeing YOU getting PETTED! -- just saying... eeuuwWWW! DUDE?!? THAT even LEGAL in *this* State??!]


*FANG-DOG's* original SCARF - [which He had better be Saving for a *Special-Occasion* and NOT have EATEN!?]


*FANG-MAN's* SCARF - [that He probably LOST to THE-DOG at Poker!]


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