Sunday, April 22, 2012

hmm... some "SPACE"...


oh, wait... The newly-formed Domicilic-Dimensional-VOIDS are in the GARAGE and LIVING ROOM -- ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS' "domain"... nuts!

Well, IT was mostly THEIR Stuff anyway. And, although *I* was the One to PACK IT into The CAR, THEY were the Ones to Drop IT all "off" at the RECYCLING "Event" going on over at THE MALL. -- Oooo! And, MOTHER acquired a FREE "Recycled-Materials" BAG for THEIR efforts!

-- ah! *More* Stuff to put *Other* Stuff INTO...

Meanwhile - besides Extracting Large-Heavy-Objects from the midst of Numerous-Oddly-Shaped-Obstructive-Objects and, Seatbelting Them into the Backseat of The VEHICLE - I did LAUNDRY!

-- Exciting, yes?

AND then, I Started on THIS...

Actually, the COLOUR-COMBO turned out *much* Better than I had Hoped!


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