Sunday, April 8, 2012

HAPPY "Chocolate-Creature-Consumption" DAY!!

..HOLD ON... *ALL* I had *Today* was Chocolate-CHIPS..? -- pooh!! --  I have Chocolate-Bunny-"Turds" EVERYday! -- [THAT's just *NOT* Right, somehow!?]

oh, well... At least I got to "Mess" with some DUST-BUNNIES! -- I was Trying to "Find" a Place for that TWIGGY-CANDELABRA and the SHINY-RHINO in the Living Room... I had hoped to Put the "BRANCH" atop of My CURIO-CABINET, however, the "Spot" was already Occupied.

DISCOVERED One of D-BUNNIES' *Secret* LAIRS! ...And, a RHINO-Figurine that I had Forgotten about.

Eventually, with *some* "Rearranging", TWIGGY is on a Table, and SHINY found a Precarious-Perch amongst the Other "HOARD"-Members... I'm going to have to start Hanging some of those UNDER-$5.-Yard-Sale-OIL-PAINTINGS I have, so They can be SEEN!

Then, IT was back to more Tweaking on PINTEREST... for several Hypnotic-Hours... Later on, after almost a WEEK of NOT doing ANYthing, I Returned to the RED-THINGY-Project.

You know... I could *do* with some "C-CHIPS" right now!


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  1. ahhhh yes. Pinterest. I can spend hours over here....


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