Friday, April 27, 2012

IT's "MINUS" **WHAT** Outside..??!!


-- ABOVE-Freezing Temps in February **DURING** WINTERLUDE -- So those ICE-SCULPTURES can MELT just right!


-- SOME Evidence of SNOW until the FIRST WEEK of MAY! -- It isn't Safe to PUT AWAY the SHOVELS *before* THEN! No matter how *many* "IDES of SUMMER" We might get in MARCH! - [BTW, Nice "try" there, GUYS, with the 80s Temps! I still DIDN'T fall for IT!]

Anyhoo... With all That in Mind, I suppose that Today's "DAYTIME" -7C WINDCHILL wasn't really UNexpected?! Afterall, We DID get SNOW Earlier in the Week. And, there was Rumour of a Few FLAKES Last Night..?

I'm Suspecting that there will quite likely be much FROZEN-FLORA going on during Next Month's TULIP FESTIVAL!

Meanwhile... I kept Myself WARM with WOOLY-ness! -- I actually Succeeded in getting quite a bit of Work done on the Most-Recent PROJECT... I might be NEEDING IT!!


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  1. I think Ottawa and Minnesota were once one hunk of land cleaved in two by an iceberg or something. We've got the same going on here today...not quite as cold, but close.

    Love the colors of that hat!


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