Thursday, April 12, 2012

Am I *GLOWY* Yet..?


I had to make a Trip to DOWNTOWN Today. -- I have a few Chronic "Skeletal"-Issues that require a Regular-Regiment of Attention... Hence, My Appointment to have My Semi-Decade X-RAYS done.

And, IT gave Me an Excuse - [as IF I really *needed* one!] - to get some Non-Vehicular-Use-Shopping taken care of.

However, some "PLANS" Change... I "noticed" that I didn't have Enough BUS TICKETS. Sooo... A 20-Minute WALK to THE MALL was in order to BUY Some and Take a BUS from There.

I needed to get LOTTERY TICKETS as well... Also, to CA$H One in. -- Hey! Check-IT-out, the WINNINGS are *more* than I had Expected?! -- Apparently, I *WON* $7. Last Saturday and didn't Realize IT! - WooHoo!

Anyway... I had BUSES to Catch to make it to My Appointment *ON TIME*! -- THREE BUSES Later... Got THERE, with a couple of Minutes to Spare! - So, of course, DR.G was Running a Half-Hour *BEHIND* Schedule!!

HAD I *known*, I probably could have Squeezed-in My "Planned" BANKING Visit along the Way..? Seeing, as IT turned out, the Place was CLOSED by the Time I was headed HOME!

With just a Few Minutes LEFT on My BUS-TRANSFER, I Hopped a BUS to The RIDEAU CENTRE - as IT WAS on My Way HOME...

Dropped by OLD NAVY. Met the MANAGER - a Pleasant Fellow... We Chatted... I then went on to POWER-Peruse... Had a DISCOUNT-Thingy that was Expiring Soon, so I put IT to Use. In the End, got FOUR TOPS for *only* $20. - including Taxes!

Breezed through THE GAP without Purchase... Although, I did take Time to Assist a FELLOW-CUSTOMER on Accessory-Colour-Selection to go with a Sweater that She was Buying for Someone. -- I Live to EDUCATE the "COLOUR-WHEEL"-LESS!

Meanwhile, the Hour was getting ON... I still needed to get to the BANK and do more Stuff at THE MALL.

Got off the First BUS at THE BIG MALL long enough to Discover that the BANK was CLOSED! - I would have done Other Shopping There, but I had Other Stuff YET to do. - Back onto the Second BUS!

Did the Mini-POWER-Peruse of THE MALL. Got My Dinner, and "Munch"-Food! Then, started for HOME... The NEXT-BUS wasn't Due for another 24-Minutes, so I Walked the 17-Minutes toward the SETTING SUN...

POOPED NOW!! And, just Waiting to GLOW-IN-THE-DARK...

-- CAN You SEE *ME* Now..??!!


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