Tuesday, April 24, 2012

YAY!! **FOUND** THEM! ...and Other STUFF, too!


IT was a Whacky-WATCHOUT-for-the-Weird-WEATHER kind of Day!

BANDS of Dark-Clouds kept BLOWING by... One Minute IT's RAIN, then Nothing, then HAIL, then Sprinklings, then WIND, then the Garbage was picked-up, THEN Nothing, then Nasty-Clouds, then a Second of Blue, then Showers, then I went to COSTCO - between the Weather-STRIPS!

Spent too much Time There trying to Choose the "best" Stuff... And, *Discovering* - AFTERward - What I "thought" was ON-SALE, WASN'T!! -- pooh!! -- Luckily, That happened BEFORE I Left the Store!

oh, look... BLOWING-Rain in front of Semi-SUNNY-ness..? -- should be OVER in a minute...

FIVE-Minutes Later... IT had Thinned-out and I took a "Chance", to RACE to The CAR! - The Toilet-Paper Survived! -- hmm... Once IN The VEHICLE, the Rain *stopped*! ...figures...

Got HOME *ahead* of the Really-EVIL-Looking-Line-of-Clouds-that-Missed-the-House..!! Whew!


Whilst checking-out One of the "possible" SAFE-PLACE-locations for those Scanner-CABLES, I *did* FIND a New "SD-card" for My Camera that I had been pretty Certain that I had. - Just couldn't *Remember* WHERE I had PUT IT!

ah-ha! So *that's* Where My Wireless-MAUVE-MOUSE has been "Hiding"!

After Dinner, I decided to do *another* Exploratory-DIG of THE ROOM... Now, that *most* of the STUFF-IN-THE-WAY has been "Contained", the Excavation went much Quicker!

-- I *actually* managed to Get **INTO** THE ROOM!! Albeit, only about 2-Feet, BUT, it was just *enough*!


huh. I was Right. THEY were "IN-Sight". "NEAR" where the SCANNER had been. IN a Clear-View-Container! -- That, was Covered-OVER-and-Hidden-UNDER-By-LOTS-of-Stuff... ooops! MY bad!

Well. NOW, I can DO what Needed Doing, and get the Other-Stuff DONE! YAY! -- However, IT'll "keep" until, Tomorrow!


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