Friday, April 6, 2012

I *NEVER* Nod "NO" to Nifty-NEIGHBOURLY-Knickknacks!

MADAME-Q was Back at Her "old" HOUSE again to do more Sorting and Packing...

And, Invited Us over to SEE if there was Anything We "WANTED" of the STUFF that She'll be getting Rid of... I *REALLY* WISH that We had the *SPACE*!!

There's a great little WRITING TABLE... I "could" get IT into "THE ROOM" - BUT, I *have* to Haul TONNAGE **OUT** of IT First!! ...crap...

Oh, and there was this '20s[?]-Vintage-Style DRESSER too, that I just KNOW that I
could "DO" *something* With! [*sigh*]

Anyhoo, She *kindly* Gave Me THESE...

The BOWL is only about 2-Inches Deep - She used IT for Sorting BUTTONS... I'm sure that I will Find *some* USE for IT! - I love the Natural-Artsy
"Look" to IT. AND, of course, I DO have Other STUFF to Match!!

The SHINY Aluminum CANDELABRA was sitting high atop some Hutch... Her
"Designer"-Daughter apparently no longer Wanted IT..??! -- NO Worries! AUNTIE will *Gladly* Give IT a Home!! -- YES. I also have STUFF that will *go* with IT, as well!

-- Seriously, PEOPLE! Did You ever Doubt IT for a Second..?
- [If "YES", then, as "Punishment", You *should* go Back and start Reading this BLOOG from the BEGINNING!!]

I couldn't Find a "Maker's-Mark" on IT... However, I'm *certain* that These Things are still Showing-Up in the *Recent* DECOR MAGS - They ought to have Info...

Bet My SISTER will be Begging to "Borrow" IT for Her Christmas-Dinner Parties!

MEANWHILE... I Spent *most* of the Day, ONLINE.. Been "Tweaking" - [and Learning about] - My PINTEREST Account. I can see How IT can be Time-CONSUMING! - *Just* like BLOOGING!


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