Saturday, April 7, 2012

And Here I Thought LAST WEEK'S "TRAFFIC" Was **NASTY**!!

  • PEDESTRIAN "Shoppers" - There's a REASON for "CROSSWALKS" - **USE** THEM!! -- There's an APP for That!
  • DRIVERS - *TAKE* the NEXT Entrance, You're causing GRIDLOCK! Oh, and maybe **STOP** at the RED-LIGHT *before* Turning Right..?!!

I was really HOPING that the TRAINYARDS-TRAFFIC-TRAUMA of Last Saturday - [SEE 31MAR2012 POST] - might have LOST ITS "Novelty"..? -- yeah! right.. DREAM ON!

So, IT was only 30%-OFF-Your-Entire-Purchase of "Regular" and *Certain* Other Items Today at MICHAEL'S. -- I didn't Buy any WOOL on This Trip, as I usually prefer to Use the 40% or Better Coupons. -- BTW, the RIBBONS have gone Back UP in Price, too... [pooh!]

Although, there *was* LOTS of NEW-STUFF in those "$1.50"-Bins! - I picked-up THESE FELTED-FLOWERS... Got NO Clue as to *what* I'll Use THEM *for*, BUT, I had to BUY "SOMETHING"! And, THEY are BRIGHT & CHEERY and "SPRINGY"... Besides, the TULIP FESTIVAL *is* Next Month!

The GLASS PEBBLES were also On-Sale... Got the PURPLE Ones and some BLACK MARBLES... I'm such a Sucker for GLASS! -- Meanwhile, MOTHER Acquired a *Complete* "AS IS"-Clearance-Priced-CAKE-DECORATING-KIT for just $7. after all the Various Discounts. -- She's HAPPY!

We didn't bother with any Return-Visit to the MANIACAL-MERCHANTILING-MASSES-MAYHEM-of-MARSHALL'S... ESCAPING the Parking-Lot was going take HALF of the Weekend as IT was!

Managed a Grocery-Getting Stop along the Way to THE MALL...

ZELLERS will soon be Assimilated by WALMART... So, Liquidation-Prices are in Force. The YARN is currently at 20%-OFF. And, My Fav COTTON YARN is Vanishing off the Shelves!
-- I Grabbed THESE...

THEY also had some DISPLAY FIXTURES On-Sale... For just $45., a CIRCULAR-RACK had caught My Eye - IT *Easily* came Apart in Small-Sections that *would* have FIT into THE CAR... ALAS, though, IT had been SOLD! -- NUTS!! -- ggrrrrrrrr.... *hate*it when that happens...

hmm... I'm going to have to Keep an Eye OUT for Any *more* that might still be in the Store... Then again, it could all be a MOOT Point, as I have NO ROOM to Put IT anyWHERE!! - [*hate* THAT Part even MORE!]

oh, well...

Time *NOW* to get to Bed and DREAM of Biting-the-Heads-off-CHOCOLATE-CREATURES!!

BTW,  **SHALOM** to Those HERE that Celebrate PASSOVER!!


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