Friday, April 13, 2012

FRIDAY, the LOSE-teenth..?

ACTUALLY - and, rather surprisingly so - NOT QUITE..! - [...then, again..?]

A "TICKET" on One of Our *Larger* Weekly LOTTERIES in CANADA, goes for $5. -- In some regards, THAT might not "seem" like a Great Amount... - However, considering the Numbers-Needed-to-WIN and the Lower-End-Payouts, "BANG-FOR-BUCK" IT's just NOT *THAT* Successful on a "regular" basis!

THAT Said, I prefer to "save" My *Chances* for SPECIAL "OCCASIONS" - as in - "FRIDAY, the 13THs"! -- When She was Out, earlier, I had MOTHER get Me a "QUICK-PICK"...

huh. -- MOST of the Numbers are the Birthdays of FAMILY MEMBERS! ..very weird...

Okay, so FAST-FOREWARDING to Tonight...

The LOTTERY Draws 7-Numbers plus a Bonus One. The TICKET has 3-Lines of 7-Numbers.

  • The INTERESTING-BIT-OF-TRIVIA NEWS -- I GOT, **6** of the "7"!!
  • The REALITY-SHOW-THAT-*IS*-MY-LIFE NEWS - The "Fateful"-SIX were SPREAD and doubled, OVER the 3-Lines... [NUTS!!]
  • The **WOOHOO** NEWS - I still ended up WINNING $20. and a FREE TICKET!! -- YAY!!
  • The PART-Where-My-LIFE-Just-*Seriously*-SUCKS!!-Some-Times-So-I-Think-I'm-Just-Going-To-*HATE*-IT-For-A-Little-While-Because-Well-You-Know-"I-Can" NEWS - The "6"-Numbers **PAYOUT** was $5474.!! - [INSERT Profound GROWLING at STUPID TICKET!!]


*Almost* DONE with the Latest HAT!


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  1. Love this hat! I have tried to knit again, I still can't. Destined to be a hooker for life, I guess! Fairy T has even shot some good tutorials my way and my big ole mitts just don't cooperate. :/ Oh well, I can ooh and ahhHhh over what you guys do!


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