Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm Getting the Strangest Feeling of "Deja"-Birthday...

IF YOU RE-READ LAST'S YEAR "POST" - [19APR2011] - You might See "WHY"!
-- I *WON* the SAME Amount Tonight!


Well... I managed to "Escape" to THE MALL earlier for a Short-While... Just had to Pick Something up... Spent the REST of My Time sorting out "Papers"...

Also, accomplished My FIRST Forage into the DARK-SCARY-JUNGLE that IS My TAX-FORMS!! -- I can RELATE to FATHER'S Feelings on Pleading "INSANITY" should any AUDITORS come Knocking!

...I *only* have THREE "Information-Slips" to Enter, He has MANY *more*... The PROCESS is like Navigating an Uncharted-Cavern-System!!

BTW, have I "mentioned" that My FIRST "Civil Service" JOB - [whilst still in High School!] - was working FOR the "REVENUE" Department?! -- I was "Reviewing" TAX-FORMS *BEFORE* I even HAD to "FILE" My OWN!! THEY're a *lot* more OVER-Complicated these Days...

My "Money" is on IT all being some TAX-LAWYERS-ACCOUNTANTS-Make-Work-*Conspiracy*!! -- just saying...

I'm going to PLAY with YARN now... Unraveling KNOTS is sooo much SIMPLER!!


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