Tuesday, June 11, 2013

oops! guess I dozed off..?

I FORGOT TO SEND A "POSTING" TWEET THIS MORNING LAST NIGHT... I woke up at 6-ish next to My LAPTOP. -- again...

Then again, that "6-ish" bit is good "practice", as THAT's when I'll have to be UP Tomorrow in order to make an Appointment "IN Time"! -- IT had better NOT be RAINING Out. AGAIN!

I had "hoped" to able to *may-BE* Squeeze a teeny-SHOP-EDITION into Today's "Schedule"..? Alas, "NO-JOY"! -- Too much WIND and Whacky-RAIN for My liking... ??PERHAPS?? Tomorrow..?? "After" that Appointment..? -- We'll see...

ANYHOO... HERE's "SOMETHING" to *LOOK AT* whilst I sort Myself OUT!

THIS is the BOUQUET that SISTER gave MOTHER before They left... Those LILIES are *really* Strong!!


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