Monday, June 17, 2013

oh good! FOUND IT!


Actually, I was really hoping on Finding a *BIG* BALL of THAT Particular COLOUR... BUT, there's *just* enough in THIS Partial-BALL to tide Me over..? - I might have to Tweak My DESIGN-CHART with a Colour-SWITCH if I can Find ANY more...

I'm presently about HALFWAY on that BLANKET for ANDREA... Been trying to get as *much* DONE on IT as I could for most of the Day. I'd "LIKE" to get IT *FINISHED* for THURSDAY..?

Meanwhile... The HAZEL-Chores have slacked OFF some, though, not Entirely... I'm *slowly* starting to get BACK to My PREVIOUS "LIFE"... sorta...

Otherwise, IT was a rather UNeventful Day. At least, the SUN was OUT! Eventually... SUNDAY had been SUCH a DARK, RAINY Day!


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