Saturday, June 8, 2013

There's a *REASON* WHY I'm soooo NOT the "DOMESTIC"-Type...

...IT'S #$%&*^&%^#$ HARD **WORK**!! -- yeah. I know... - ", DUH!!.."

Anyhoo, LONG-"T.M.I."-SHORT... Recent and, hopefully "Temporary" Circumstances, have thrust Me into "CINDERELLA"-Mode -- MINUS the Glitzy-Fragile-FOOTWARE and "Hot-DATE"!! And, one of the Primary Reasons *why* SISTER was "around"..? Especially, after My ARDUOUS Day Yesterday! -- I just had a bit *more* SLEEP under My "Lids", THIS Time! And, SISTER's Presence was a MASSIVE-Sanity-SAVER!

-- HER and BIG-D return Home Tomorrow and will be MISSED!

MEANWHILE... Once more... I have to keep THIS "Short"... Must "SLEEP", *WHILE* I CAN!! Actually, I just hope that I can just POST THIS **before** I run out WAKEfulness!


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