Saturday, August 27, 2011

"6" In The BLOOG...


I'm going to *have* to COUNT up ALL of My
"NUMBERS"! There are at least 16 or so that I have a "record" of - probably MORE! Most are Packed away in various spots.

-- SOME Day, I'll get around to "doing the Math" and come up with something Funky!

Anyhoo... #"6" - [a.k.a. #9] - was acquired at The SALLY-ANN.

Along with, FOUR of THESE Little 5-Inch 

Afterward, We finally came across a Couple of YARD SALES... Actually, I had expected to Find more, since the Weather had started out Cooler - but, I didn't, and the Temps went UP!

However... I *did* manage to obtain THIS [just slightly dusty] Never-Used L.L.BEAN *Leather* "Pouch" [?] PURSE for $2.!! -- I'm thinking, IT's likely a sort of "Man-Bag", maybe? - Whatever, IT's a great Size and rather Spacious... hmm... Bet I could squeeze in a Change of Underwear, a pair of Socks, a T-Shirt AND a Toothbrush in There!

Meanwhile, at the Next SALE...

Got FOUR of THESE Little

I was attracted to Their "Sweeping" Rims - [5-inches]...
AND, the 25-Cent Each Price!

From There, it was the Usual Visit to THE MALL - to wrap up the Remaining Grocery-Getting Needs...

Oh, hey! GOT around to doing that Laundry!!


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  1. Excuse me i see members on the side there, you never invited me to be a member, i am hurt!! member of what i ask?? hugs tinkx


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