Thursday, May 9, 2013

99% "DONE"!

..I JUST HAVE TO DO THE "TAILENDS"... Another COUPLE of HOURS maybe..?? -- IF, I can Find THEM ALL!! - Gonna have to do it *during* DAYLIGHT Hours... That NAVY Colour can be Troublesome!

Wow. CAN'T Believe that it's taken Me a MONTH to getting around to FINISHING IT!! - [SEE 10APR2013 POST] - *THIS* Size usually ONLY takes Me a WEEK to do... Then again, I HAVE been BUSY with OTHER STUFF! And, I have an even *more* HECTIC One ahead!

We're "suppose" to GET some RAIN finally - ANY Time from NOW... Or, WHEN I'm in the *MIDDLE* of Something IMPORTANT! Got DENTIST Appointments... The "WHIRLWIND" that is My SISTER, is Coming to Town! -- She'll have a "DAY" to Prep the NEXT BRIDAL SHOWER!

And then, THEY'll ALL be OFF to "VEGAS" for "THE WEDDING"...

However, there are also OTHER THINGS "going on" around Here... So. The "MERRY-GO-ROUND" that is MY "LIFE" won't likely be Slowing-Down UNTIL *JULY*!! -- maybe... I *HOPE*!!

ANYHOO! Here's Another SNEAK-PEEK of THE BLANKET... IN the Form of My "PATTERN"...

IT actually does Look MUCH *Better* "IN PERSON"!!


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