Friday, May 31, 2013

oh. right! - I'd FORGOTTEN!

"THAT" EXPLAINS *EVERYTHING*!! -- But, honestly, did IT *have* to pick a MANY-LOTTERY-DRAWS Day..??!! -- really?!

The "CHOICE"...

*WIN* TONS of $$ and FATE-fully *RISK* getting SMUCKED by the LATEST-Passing-BIG-HONKING-CHUNK-of-COSMIC-GRAVEL..?


Just MOVE-ON with Your Life and *HOPE* that "ROCKY" and his *Pet*-"PEBBLE", do the SAME!!

ANYHOO... I had a FULL Day of more "MICRO"-Cosmic Concerns... And, needless to Say, the 38C-Humidex wasn't all that "helpful"...

MOTHER and I had a Scheduled-"ADVENTURE" to Attend. Froth with Driving to Previously-UNexplored-Places, thankfully, inbetween the RUSH-HOUR Periods! - Also, MUCH Walking.

-- A portion of which, I could have Saved Myself had I only ventured a Few Yards in the OPPOSITE Direction and *SEEN* the "ELEVATOR"-SIGN!! - However, I went the WRONG Way, took the STAIRS and, ended up having to Walk AROUND the BUILDING!

BTW, some HALLWAYS *are* Longer than They are Depicted on MAPS!!

Eventually, the REST of Our Afternoon went on considerably BETTER than I expected! - Mostly due to ALL of the NICE-PEOPLE We Encountered.

Meanwhile... Here's a Few More WASHCLOTHS for THE STACK...


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