Sunday, May 5, 2013

The *Contents* of "THE BOX" of BARGAINS -- Part 2...

BUT FIRST... An ITEM that *wasn't* in "THE BOX".

As it happens, This EMBROIDERY KIT ended up being My *LAST* Purchase-of-the-Day for only a DOLLAR!

Initially, it was the THREAD-COLOUR that caught My Eye... However, I'm somewhat "TEMPTED" to actually - SOME DAY, *maybe* - "DO" This KIT! -- To be Honest, I've NEVER Done ONE of This TYPE before - [with Threads INcluded]...

Although IT's been DECADES, "THIS" - [BELOW] - is the Version that I'm *more* Familiar with... This TAPESTRY "KIT" *was* in "THE BOX"!

IT has TWO PATTERNS... The SECOND One was never Started and I actually prefer IT. -- I would try to Finish up This FIRST One, but, the STITCHING-TENSION on IT is *WARPED*! - I don't think the PERSON Who began IT, used a Proper HOOP to Secure the WORK..? And, the BACK-SIDE STITCHES are kinda Weird-Looking, too...

*IF*, I "ever do" DO the OTHER ONE, I might just consider taking THIS ONE "apart" and RE-do IT..?

Anyway... An additional "CURIOSITY" about IT -- The *DESIGN* has a *1942* COPYRIGHT, yet, the SCREEN and WOOL-YARN are near PRISTINE..?! -- So. Either IT's all been Remarkably PRESERVED or, the "MATERIALS" were more "Recently" acquired!?

The YARN is apparently "U.K." Made -- So, IF Any of YOU from THERE happen to Recognize IT and can place a "Time-PERIOD" on IT - PLEASE - let Me KNOW!


I Love the SHADE of This BLUE BOTTLE! As well as that "COIL"-Design. The Other VASE's SMOKY-EVERGREEN HUE was also *most* APPEALING!

BTW, so You *Know*, I had "PLANNED" on POSTING a Few *MORE* PICS, "but", the CAMERA-BATTERIES *died* on Me! - AGAIN!! -- ggrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Will TRY to GET it Done, Tomorrow!


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