Monday, February 11, 2013

oops!! - I really am keeping "Vampire"-HOURS!!

GOT UP REALLY, *REALLY* LATE!! -- Then again, I'm also NOT getting to Bed UNTIL *5am*-ish!!

Usually, the "SUNLIGHT" coming into My Room "helps"... However, when IT's DREARY Out, not-so-much! -- I also wasn't looking forward to dealing with the Probable bit of Overnight SNOW or, FREEZING-RAIN Results..?? - But, THANKFULLY, there was just a "Dusting" and FATHER took care of IT Earlier, when He was bringing in the Trash-Cans.

Besides, He rather likes to get His "FRESH-AIR" and a bit of "Exercise" in...

MEANWHILE, ONCE I was UP and about, there was some CYBERness in need of attention.

hmm... My "CABLE"-BILL has INCREASED a Few DOLLARS! -- Gave "THEM" a *CALL* concerning a Different-Minor-Matter - [surprisingly, got a VERY-NICE-EXTREMELY-HELPFUL-YOUNG-LADY-OPERATOR for a change!] - and, eventually ended up with a DISCOUNT! - Which, "coincidentally" got My RATE down to 5-Cents *above* What I USED TO Pay..??!

[*sigh*] -- One of these Days, I'm might have to just Acquire some of THEIR "STOCK" in order to get BACK some of "THEIR" PROFITS!! -- You know,

 "..If You can't BEAT Them, *BUY* Them!"

oh. And, I got Started on yet *another* SCARF. - I'm hoping to get IT done Tomorrow.

Actually, managing to get some SHOPPING done would also be a welcomed ACCOMPLISHMENT! - Of course, THAT might just get put-off AGAIN due to SHOVELLING!? We KEEP getting these ANNOYING little FLURRIES and spots of RAIN and RISING Temps! -- "SCHEDULING" has become "PROBLEMATIC"!!

AS WELL AS, "Getting-TO-Bed" at a *NORMAL* Hour..? - Which, IT *isn't* at THIS MOMENT, BTW!

So. NO *Pithy* Adventures or PICS for Today! Gotta get SOME Sleep, so I can Shovel *AND* SHOP Tomorrow!?! -- *IF*, My Rotten-ROTATOR-CUFF doesn't keep Me AWAKE *all* Night! And/Or, EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY doesn't leave Me a PILE of His "Calling-Cards"...

Say... Have I Mentioned the Part about My PROFOUND DISLIKE of **WINTER** and how MUCH IT truly does SUCK..??!!


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