Thursday, February 14, 2013



HONESTLY! I had hoped to be UP and OUT *much* Earlier, however, I *still* didn't Leave until almost 2pm!! -- Then again, I also DIDN'T get THIS MOA-BOALOHA Finished until AFTER 3am - THIS Morning!!


"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77435-Water Chestnut
- Colour: 77223-Lemongrass
- Colour: 77251-Light Grey Marl
- Colour: 77404-Orchid

FIRST STOP - BULK BARN for Bunches of Comatose-CALORIE-Content-**CANDY** for the CRAFTY-CLERKS of MICHAEL'S!! -- I had One of those TAKE-OUT-BOXES that I had previously purchased There, to "FILL-UP"...

oh. SWEET! - A New CANDY STORE just Opened TODAY over at THE MALL!! Oooo!! AND, FUDGE SAMPLES!! -- I'll have to Check THEM out *again*, Later...

OFF to MICHAEL'S... Sat in MY Second-FAV-Parking-Spot for several Minutes sorting out STUFF. -- hmm..Those BOXES are just a bit *FUSSY*! A Good-Thing that I got Them *ON-SALE*!

Spotted AMANDA with a CUSTOMER, and asked for a "Location" on MANAGER-DAVE...

wow. IT's been THREE WEEKS since I've seen Him LAST! -- And, "WHERE" do I Find Him..? By the Janitorial-Room, about to CLEAN the RESTROOMS!

-- You know, it didn't come to Me until Later, but, what a **NICE** "BOSS" to be Doing THAT on VALENTINE'S DAY for His "GIRLS"!!

Anyhoo... I Delivered the TAKE-OUT-CANDIES to Him to put into the STAFF-BREAK-ROOM. -- EVERYONE should be totally SUGAR-HIGH by the End of the Day! -- We Small-Talked for a bit, then I left Him to DO His "Thing"...

ANDREA was working CHECKOUT... And, once the Odd CUSTOMER was done, I gave Her
"DRAGONFRUIT"... Whilst AMANDA was across the way at the Other "CASH", so I handed over "HADRIANNA" -- I had Promised Her a HAT before...

She promptly popped IT on! -- IT Matched Her Clothes...

Somehow, I suspect that She may end up "Living" IN IT..!?

Which, IS Good. My "BABIES" Deserve to to be *LOVED*!

Meanwhile, She also took some of My Business-Cards...

"Networking" is another GOOD THING!

And, *yeah*, I Bought STUFF! -- Some MORE YARN! [duh!] And, RIBBON...

Perhaps I'll "PIC" Them, Tomorrow.

AFTER spreading the "HOLIDAY-CHEER", I moved on to WALMART for Groceries... Then, toward THE BIG MALL...

I seriously DO have to STOP Buying MORE CLOTHES!! -- BUT, the 2 TOPS I got at THE GAP *were* ON-SALE!! Besides, NAVY and CORAL are "Classy"-Colours... Not to mention, the Store's Latest "Colour-Combos" are Intriguing... Let's just say, that ANDREA's MOA-BOALOHA *will* Coordinate!

-- I only wish that I had Those SHADES in COTTON YARN, instead of just WOOL...

I was BACK to THE MALL afterward to Finish-up the OTHER Stuff that needed to be done over There. -- Only to be subjected to the sight of MORE MEN-*with*-FLOWERS-[Secretly-Hoping-to-GET-*Lucky*]! Although, One SMART-GUY had a POTTED-PLANT..? -- Expresses more "Commitment" I think.

Personally, at this point, I'm pretty much SMITTEN-in-My-Tracks with just being able to GAZE at CUTE-TALL-YOUNG-STRAPPING-LADS and NOT get *ARRESTED*!! - Legally and/or

I might have "NO LIFE", but I *AIN'T* "DEAD" YET!!


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