Monday, February 18, 2013

oh. "Lovely". Just GRRR-EAT!! -- again??!!


seriously? -- You know, this whole "NEW & IMPROVED", "FASTER", "BETTER" **CRAP** that appears to be the "Trend" in CYBER-WORLD, is *REALLY* beginning to **ANNOY** ME!!!

BECAUSE, "F.Y.I.", IT **AIN'T**!! -- Quite frankly, there are FEW - if ANY - actual "IMPROVEMENTS". **SLOWER**!! And, "BETTER" for WHO?? Certainly NOT Me!!

Not so long ago, IT was THIS Site - BLOGGER - with ITS *NEW* "Bells & Whistles", ecetera... ah. "NEWS-FLASH", GUYS -- *NOT*! - IT's still taking Me at least 3-Times MORE Time to Write My POSTS because of Keyboard *LAGGING! And, FREEZE-UPS, *LOST* DATA, and general BUGGINESS!!

Then, there's the Current PHOTOBUCKET-Countdown-to-Probable-DOOM!! -- UPLOADS have been TEDIOUS as "Resources" over There seem to be Diverted ELSEWHERE..? - At least They've FINALLY *STOPPED* with those frakking BETA-SITE-POP-UP-CYBER-JACKINGS!!

*NOTE*... IF You would like Your "MEMBERS" to *TRY* Your BETA-SITE, ***ASK*** Them FIRST!! -- SNATCHING Them AWAY from What They are DOING is just plain RUDE!! And, oh yeah, IT was BUGGY and SUCKED, too!

Anyhoo, the LATEST Soon-to-NO-Doubt-Make-My-Life-HELL-When-I-LEAST-Need-IT-to-BE-Bit-of-CYBER-CHAOS is that "HOTMAIL" is about to be ASSIMILATED by "OUTLOOK"..?? -- huh. THAT should all go "SEAMLESSLY"... eh?

Honestly, between the dubious MAYAN-MATH and the Recent COSMIC "BATTING"-Practices, I feel like I'm in a badly written "BORG"-Episode!!?! - "Resistance to The BLOOG is Futile"

BTW, the first "REPLICATOR-SPIDER" I see, I-AM-**OUT**-OF-HERE!!


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