Thursday, February 21, 2013

Forgot that IT was *THURSDAY*! And NOT, *DISCOUNT-TUESDAY*!!


I really didn't get *that* much SLEEP Last Night -- THE BODY has just been ACHING *too* much! I really do NEED to find a Couple of "NICE DAYS" in a Row to "REST-UP" and GET to that PHYSIO-CLINIC just down the Road around the Corner... My BAD-SHOULDER is beginning to Spread...

ANYHOO... At LEAST, I had a SUNNY DAY for This Week's SOLO-SHOPPING-DAY! Managed to cram in Several STORES and "Errand"-Stops within 4-Hours... TOTALLY **WASTED** NOW!!

-- And, I probably *shouldn't* have Eaten so much of My Salty JUNK-Food either... I just ended up having to NAP Mid-Evening *when* I wanted to be doing OTHER Stuff!! - So much for My "Schedule" of NEW-DVD-PURCHASE-VIEWING-NIGHT...

The SECOND SEASON of "GAME OF THRONES" came out on Tuesday, which I DIDN'T have the Opportunity to Purchase THEN. But, *Fortunately*, the Cheapest-Price had been at COSTCO - My FIRST Stop of the Day... THAT, saved Me from having to go to a Couple of Other Places!

NEXT, was an Errand to run just past TRAINYARDS, along a rather NASTY-POTHOLED-ROAD!! -- My *POOR* BABY-CAR!!

Popped into the WALMART for a *Certain* Grocery Item, that was NOT-IN-STOCK... pooh! -- Although, I did get Another New DVD that I wanted, so the "Trip" wasn't a complete waste of Time.

Over to MICHAEL'S... And, THIS is the Part where I *FORGOT* that IT *wasn't* SENIORS'-DISCOUNT-DAY! Otherwise, I *wouldn't* have Bought 5-BALLS of YARN that I really DIDN'T "NEED"!

-- wait. Did I just Say THAT..?? I really MUST be TIRED!

Whatever... I also ran into MANAGER-DAVE for a Few Minutes to "Catch-Up"...

Had more Groceries to get... Ended up spending more Time in the CHECKOUT-LINE! -- The ANNOYING-COUPLE ahead of Me were giving the POOR-FRUSTRATED-ABOUT-TO-HAVE-A-"MELTDOWN"-PRETTY-CASHIER a rather DIFFICULT Time! - Glad that I didn't have any FROZEN-FOOD in My Cart! However, My "WAIT" was Rewarded with Finding a Bright-Shiny-QUARTER on the way Out!

I'll have to Add IT to the "YARN-PAYING-FUND"... hmm... I need to to Find a cute little SHEEP-BANK.

The SUN was about to SET, so off to the Last Stop - THE MALL...

A few more Odd Grocery Bits... JUNK-FOOD! -- oh. And that Afore-mentioned "Certain-Grocery-Item", a HELPFUL-YOUNG-LAD-STOCK-PERSON actually Found a *LAST-ONE* that was HIDING on a High-Shelf for Me!! -- YAY!!

Well... guess I'll have to save the DVD-Viewing for Tomorrow... I feel a FRIDAY-*VEG*-FEST coming on!! -- "NOW", I just have to get some Proper SLEEP!!



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