Saturday, February 23, 2013

NO "Pineapples" were Consumed during the Writing of THIS POST!

WOW. WHAT A DULL, DARK, DEPRESSING DAY OUT THERE... Then again, IT *could* be WORSE! At least, IT DIDN'T **RAIN**!!

To be Honest, I really *didn't* want to go "Out"... Although, some Shovelling around the Side of the HOUSE could've USED some Doing... Some of the ICE that's been there might be REMOVABLE, now..?

Alas, however, MOTHER needed to get Yogurt! - [BTW, can't stand the Stuff!] - So... Despite the odd "Shower" of TEENY-TINY-SNOW-PELLETS, OFF We were to THE MALL! -- And, did I "mention" HOW *ACHY* THE BODY was Feeling with the MILD-*DAMPISH*-TEMPS..? Or, the Part where I STILL had to SHOVEL a bit BEFORE We Left..?!?

Needless to say, "AUNTIE" was in a generally GRUMPY-Mood...

UNTIL.. SHE came across "DANNO RAMBINO"!!

When You go into the Grocery Store, there are these BIG BINS of Various "EASTER"Y-Stuffed-CREATURES... Sheep, Bunnies, Chicks... As well as, BIG SHEEP similar to "STEVE McSHEEP" - [SEE 03APR2011 POST] - along with Long-Legged MEDIUM Ones and, SMALLER - [10-Inch high] - Ones like DANNO...

However, HE was high atop a Bunch of OTHER-"Creatures" on a Shelf several meters away... All by HIS LONESOME...

really. -- How could I **NOT** Give HIM a "HOME"?!! huh?

Besides, *other* than the Brief Moment of that CHOCOLATE-*WHATEVER*-Food-Sample from the REALLY-CUTE-STRAPPING-YOUNG-LAD, My Little-"RAMBINO" ended up being pretty much *THE* Highlight of My Day!!


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