Friday, February 1, 2013

AHHH... I *Love* the Smell of BROWNIES on "BIRTHDAY" Mornings!!

WELL... "Morning" IN *SOME* TIME-ZONES. JUST NOT *THIS* ONE!! -- Hey! I didn't get to Bed until LATE, again... Besides, I'm **OLDER** Today!! NEED My "Beauty-Sleep"! -- And, My SORE-all-Over-Shovelled BODY just *DOESN'T* want to come out from under the Snuggly-Warm-BLANKETS!!

Sooo... MOTHER was just taking the "BROWNIES" out of the Oven when I came UP for "Breakfast". Once THEY cooled down, We Skipped the Icing, Candles, ecetera and went straight to MUNCH!! -- I was *behind* SOLO-SHOP-SCHEDULE!

TEMPS were back to FRIGID. The SUN had "returned" from WHEREVER..? After several Grunts and Groans, I finally managed to INSERT Myself into Many-Layers-of-Clothing. Then grabbed the Food-COOLERS and "BLINKY" - [FATHER's Car-Battery-SOLAR-Charger] - and headed OUT for *MY* Day of Fanciful-FREEDOM and "ADVENTURE"!!

...and, to get MILK.

COSTCO first, then... And, I also had Something to "Return" There. -- Anyway, NO "Exciting"-Purchases. Just a Few *ON SALE* Grocery-Items... Along with the usual FREE-FOOD-SAMPLES-"LUNCH"! - *Not* as Flavoury-varied as Last Time, however, I did try some "BORSCHT"! - [I don't readily recall ever having ANY Before..?] - IT was "okay"... But, was "Packaged". I'm sure that "HOMEMADE" would NO doubt have been quite TASTIER!

Spent too much Time There! HAD to move ON... I would have *Liked* to have popped into HOMESENSE - that's just across the "Highway" - but, I needed to get to TRAINYARDS before the SUN became a "Visual"-Problem!

NUTS!! - Some EVIL-WOMAN ahead of Me JUST drove into *MY* FAV PARKING-SPOT at MICHAEL'S!! -- Both "BLINKY" and THE CAR are gonna be really p*ssed-off having to STARE at a WALL, instead of getting to "Watch Traffic"!

MEANWHILE... There's this "Rumour" that MANAGER-DAVE *is* IN the Store, but IN "some" MEETING!?? -- I *never* did SEE Him... -- pooh!!


IT was the LAST Day of the "CLEARANCE-SALES"-SALE... Scarcely ANYthing of Note LEFT! -- HOWEVER... WHAT *was*, I gathered UP! - A Good Thing, too! AS, THEY turned out to be BEYOND MARKED-DOWN!!

THIS *BAG* weighs a FEW Pounds... Containing SEVERAL Packages of Those DRAWER-"Label"-FRAMES and various Sizes of Those COVERED-BUTTONS-FORMS. But, only a Couple of the GLASS TILES...

The "TOTAL-COST" of THIS BAG's **CONTENTS**..? -- $2.08!! -- [before Taxes]

I got *over* the Parking-Spot LOSS Thingy...

MOTHER will be Straining-Her-Brain over how MANY "Projects" that We can come up with to USE Those FRAMES!!

"The MEETING" was turning out to be TOO LONG! And I, *wasn't* getting any YOUNGER! I still had OTHER Place to BE! -- Not to mention, THE CAR & "BLINKY" were likely Bored *NUMB*!

TRAFFIC "Conditions" determined My Decision to swing into PIER ONE - [It's a tricky-traffic Entrance]

I didn't stay for Long, although, long *enough* to Purchase a Couple of CERAMIC ITEMS... I'll "show" You, LATER!

From There, I headed to THE MALL. Finally! Arrived just before SUNSET!

Junk Food.
Future-Losing-LOTTERY-TICKETS! - IT's been a While...
More Groceries...
A Call from SISTER.
uhh...One of Her Cats just *threw-up*..?!
...Will Call-Back in a few Minutes...
GOOD! Have to EAT My DINNER! *WHILE* IT's still HOT!
Almost finished when Phone RINGS... well, She DID send a *NICE* CARD!!
Small-Talk, small-talk, small-talk... SHE had to GO!
hmm... WEREN'T there *suppose* to be some "BROWNIES" around Here..??



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