Friday, February 15, 2013

**IF** You are READING **THIS**, then I can "Probably" ASSUME..


..Well, EXCEPT for Those POOR UN-FORTUNATE FOLKS in The URALS that kinda got *SMUCKED* when that OTHER NOT-so-*STELLAR* WARM-UP-BAND "The METEORS" had Their *SONIC-BOOM*-Box-Speakers turned up to Nose-BLEED-Level... A *rather* NASTY bit of Business!! -- [The Impact even registered on the International SEISMIC Sites! - ouch!]

And, AS that ORBITAL-FLY-BY-TRESPASSING was being Perpetrated, I was just Clearing up some OTHER Overnight SKY-DROPPINGS... The WIND was also blowing up a *fuss*! However, since the Temps were on the WARM-side, *that* little Breeze was somewhat HELPFUL...

Although, at the Moment, Temps are DROPPING once more. -- hmm...That whole GRAVITATIONAL-*CHUMMINESS* appears to be a bit of a "Theme", Today. Isn't IT?!


So. HERE's that PIC of Yesterday's Bundle of BOOTY! -- The RIBBONS were going for $1.29 and the HOOKS were REDUCED to $1.74 because One was Missing... At *that* Price, I'm not going to say "No" to METAL HOOKS, *even* though I already have Those SIZES! -- Besides, ONE can NEVER have *enough* HOOKS!

oh. And, the TIN was HALF-Price, too! -- of course!


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