Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Should I SHOP..? Or, SHOVEL..?

-- THE *SLUSH* WON OUT... pooh!!

Apparently, the Overnight's odd Fluffy-FLURRY transformed into a Few Inches of HEAVY-WET-SNOW as the Morning Temps ROSE above "FREEZING"! -- I *hate* that STUFF! - SCRAPING IT into "place" is tough enough, but the *actual* SHOVELLING Part..? NOT-so-Fun!! -- As in, TRYING-to-*CLEAR*-the-TOP-of-the-5-FEET-HIGH-*SNOW-WALL*-With-the-**BAD**-SHOULDER..?

I STRONGLY *DISLIKE* having to RE-Scoop every OTHER Shovel-LOAD because of Slide-BACK!

well... At LEAST, EVIL-SNOWPLOY-GUY didn't Leave Me a "WALL"!! - Just a HALF-FOOT-HIGH Layer of Not-Quite-SLUSH-*YET*-Road-SLUDGE... "Theoretically", I probably COULD have taken THE CAR Out, however, IT rides LOW... And, there were Several *MYSTERY*-CHUNKY-Bits about that I didn't want to RISK Driving *over*!!

I'll make ANOTHER Attempt, Tomorrow. I hope...

Sooo... MELTING is happening. IF RAIN can stay AWAY, then perhaps any *FLASH*-FLOODING can be PREVENTED! -- Even BETTER, *maybe*, I can ESCAPE for long enough to get a FEW *NEEDED* Items...?? - That SNOWED-IN-SPENDING-SUSPENSION-SAVINGS-PLAN is becoming NUMBING!

And, so IS My ARM! - I really DO have to get IT "Properly" LOOKED-AT! **WHEN** I can get a "Break"..?

You know... Having *ANOTHER* ALL-THE-WATER-GOT-*SUCKED-UP*-WARM-WIND-STORM - like 2 Weeks ago - WOULD be *most* "HELPFUL" right about NOW..?! -- [..just wishing..]

nah... I'm *not* THAT Lucky!!

oh-kay... Time to HOOK... Seeing as I'm not Going ANYwhere...


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