Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cool Stuff. *Cooler* People!

THERE'S a *huge* bunch of MESSY WEATHER coming THIS WAY...

Today was a "Prep" Day... The Driveway is cleaned off of all the previous ICE. However, the
2-Inches on the Front Walk is a LOST CAUSE!!

-- Unless, I can get a couple of Days of 3C-plus Temps, AND Sunlight, NO Rain - then, that ICE SHEET isn't disappearing or becoming removable! The Side of the House isn't looking much better, either! ...oh, well...

Meanwhile, it has already started to Snow... And, will CONTINUE to well into Tomorrow. THEN, it'll be RAINING!! -- Sometimes, I feel like the Unicorn that *missed* The BOAT!!

Anyway, ENOUGH about "WEATHER" for NOW... TIME for *Other* THINGS!

So. Yesterday, when I was searching for Pics on the CANADIAN HOUSE AND HOME Site, I came across THIS:

Kind of Cool, huh?

BTW, if Anyone wants to CHECK OUT some seriously CUTE Baby "Pre-Yarn" Pics, or, are just curious about WHERE that WOOL actually does come *From*...? Then, have a Looksee over at KRISTIN NICHOLAS' latest Bloog Entries at:

Seriously, I don't know *where* this Woman FINDS the Time!! She truly IS, a Inspiration!!

Also, have a Peek at Her various VIDEOS and "SHOP" Items!


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