Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hey! Was That An ICEBERG Floating By...?

NO. Just a CITY GUY in a MINI-PLOW, dumping the Latest Snowbank onto EVIL NEIGHBOUR's Lawn. -- He was attempting to clear at "Path" for the Ginormous Street PUDDLE to *drain* into The SEWER. You know, the One that I had already made MY *own* Path "to" the Other Day...

AND, a Genius Thing that I had! As, My First of the FOUR-HOURS-IN-THE-RAIN was spent KEEPING said Path clear of Slush. The OTHER THREE were spent building Little Slush Dikes so that the OCEAN outside the Front Stoop and the Garage, could be CONSTANTLY BAILED OUT with only HALF of it coming back!!

If it had ONLY been MELT WATER, it might not have been SO arduous, however, the "light" RAIN was a never-ending BATTLE! There was WATER 6-Feet INTO the Garage! And, a layer of ICE under the PUDDLE in front of it...

I DREAD seeing it all Tomorrow... If I can even GET to it! It had WET-Snowed a little earlier, but that's already melted. We're supposed to be getting ICE PELLETS next, then SNOW... However, unless the TEMPS drop a few more Degrees, all We're going to have is *more* SLUSH!


And THEN, there's the Part where - if My ACHING Hands are even capable of HOLDING onto a Shovel - I STILL have to *nuke* My BOOTS DRY!! And My COAT... -- Next Year, I'm thinking an ARCTIC "DIVING" SUIT is in order... Should keep Me Warm and DRY!

I really, *really*, REALLY ***HATE*** COLD RAIN!!


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