Tuesday, March 1, 2011

*Pet* BABY

WHAT a Difference a *bit* of SUNSHINE makes! At least an Hour's worth of Yesterday's *Shovelling* has "Disappeared"! Although, I'm CERTAIN that it will eventually *RETURN* in Some Form or Another...

And, whilst NATURE was doing ITS *Thing* -- I vegged. The CAR got a *New* LEFT WIPER-BLADE. I caught up on some Reading. The Weekly Trash was picked up. I vegged some more. Snow melted. My NIECE sent some Pics of LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED...

The Latest PROGENY is now just over 4-Months and up to 18-Pounds!! -- No wonder THEY keep taking Pics of Her in so many Different Outfits, She's probably *Out-Growing* them!

Anyway, Here SHE is *Lying* in Her "CAGE" disguised as some ZEBRA-GIRAFFE Hybrid....



  1. aww beautiful!!!hugs tinkx

  2. ahh adorable

    new follower



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