Sunday, March 27, 2011

"..We've Secretly Replaced SUNDAY's Laundry..."


I don't care what ANYONE says... But, there really IS a whole weird and different DYNAMIC surrounding "SUNDAY" Shopping and the participating SHOPPERS! ...It's *difficult* to "explain". 
It's just, *THERE* -- And, is One of the Reasons "Why", We don't DO it often.

Meanwhile, I got to "contemplating" on doing a Short Video - one of these Days - of a "DIARY of a SHOPPING-CART COIN" -- HEY!  I *warned* You that "SUNDAY" Shopping was Weird!

It crossed My Mind, when it dawned on Me that The QUARTER in The CART, was the SAME One for at Least THREE PEOPLE...

-- Had there been *more* BEFORE the Guy I got The CART from..?
-- Were there more AFTER the Guy I had passed The CART on to...?
-- **WHO** had been the FIRST ONE to Insert THAT QUARTER??!!
-- **WHO** has IT *NOW*??

Hopefully, NOT The Parking-Lot-Shopping-Cart-Removal Guy - because, He, *really* IS Weird!!


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