Monday, March 21, 2011

It's the FIRST DAY of... *WHAT* was that, Again...?

...SPRING..?? ...uh-huh... yeah. sure... oh-kaaay...

BTW, These *Coloured* Pics were taken LATER in the Day - AFTER - I had removed the TWO-Inches of Pack Snow earlier on!

When I had *finished* ALL of Our Side and MADAME Q's, "Melting" was going on, and a Fine Rain was threatening... But, THEN, about an Hour later, Ginormous-Huge-Honking FLAKES started coming DOWN!! -- I would have taken a Pic, but *all* that You would have seen, would have been a WHITEOUT!

What's Here, is just HALF of what it had been. Rising Temps and more bits of Rain have dissolved most of it.

MEANWHILE... The WEATHER Predictions for Tomorrow - and the Rest of the Week - are for SUNNY Skies!! Just as it HAS been for the LAST few Days!

hmm... "SPRING"... YEP-per...


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