Friday, March 18, 2011

The Fountains of EEWWWW...


Our Front and Side WALKWAY consists of 18x24x2-Inch-ish Concrete Tiles, that - over time - have become *uneven* due to the Seasonally-shifting Ground beneath them... Hence, Puddles forming in certain Spots, resulting in certain "draining" issues.

And then, there's the Part where the Newer-Not-So-Friendly-Neighbours' Lawn slopes UP, causing Their MELTWATER to Run into OUR WALKWAY... Also, Our Lawn is a bit higher than the PATH as well. Then, there's that little Crease along the Property Line - the Result of a previous UTILITY COMPANY *trench*... Which, never was - in My opinion - FILLED-IN as well as it should have been..?

Meanwhile, a Mini-Marsh is forming on Our Lawn next to the Crease, awaiting CANADA GEESE to show up! However, until then, it's also draining toward the WALKWAY.

So. The Final Picture here is, Our WALKWAY is looking like some CANAL! -- I had to go OUT 3 TIMES to SCOOP it Clear so that We could get to the Driveway! Strangely enough, there wasn't any Overflow into the Garage!

BTW, those WATER BOOTS that I bought Last Week... BEST PURCHASE THIS YEAR!!

Anyhoo... During My Scoop & Slosh, I discovered that a FEW of those TILES - next to the Crease*aren't* quite as FIRMLY settled as they *should* BE!

We're talking "Rocking"! With MUD oozing up between the Seams like little Natural Springs... I'm just WAITING for a little SINKHOLE "Moment" to happen at *any* Time!

oh, well... The UPSIDE to *all* of THIS - I hope! - is that the ANT COLONIES that reside Under the Front Walk Area, have DROWNED! Because, IF they show up anytime *before* AUGUST, then,  I. GIVE. UP!!



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